About Put It in Your Mouth

About Put It in Your Mouth

Note: As of mid-2017, we’re working on revamping the website and switching to primarily vegan recipes. Pardon our lack of updates – we’ll be back soon!

Put It in Your Mouth started out as a hobby between creators Sarah, and me, Serena. It has since become something more than “just a hobby” – now it’s a hobby that we invested a lot of money in. It’s also an excuse to get fabulously drunk and stuff ourselves with delicious food.

Although we dabble in pretty much anything edible, we have a penchant for combining things in an unexpected way, or in Sarah’s case, veganizing everything. We also love photography, but “Put It in Your Eyes” didn’t sound as appealing.

With me, Sarah, and all of our friends, Put It in Your Mouth always has a story to tell or something to share. That also means we have at least a dozen people to act as guinea pigs, so when you’re wondering why the hell we do things like mix chocolate syrup into our port, we encourage you to use your brain less for thinking, more for tasting, and just put it in your mouth.

About the People

Sarah of Put It in Your Mouth ( everyone, I’m Sarah! I’m a portrait photographer in the DC area ( who happens to love food – a lot! Just look at my face. I’m so happy just to be near it! I’m also co-creator of recipes and food photographer of Put It in Your Mouth. I love photography, food, eating, consumables, and ingesting things. I dislike not eating and writing about me’s, which is why Serena is doing it for me. Disclaimer: some information may be missing, inaccurate, biased, confused, or otherwise imaginary.


Serena of Put It in Your Mouth blog (, posing with a MarGOrita, a Pokémon GO drink with three layers of margarita representing team valor, team mystic, and team instinct. Recipe at putitinurmouth.comSerena is the co-creator of recipes and (sometimes reluctant) writer of Put It in Your Mouth. She’s an avid drinker, occasional bartender, overeater, and most importantly, a Pokémon Master.

When she’s not too busy getting herself and everyone around her drunk, she spends her time catching Pokémon, writing, and trying to cure her perpetual hangover.


Bread Smith of Put It in Your Mouth blog (

Bread Smith is our unpaid helper whose skills we certainly don’t take advantage of. He’s also a Smith of many talents, mostly centered around bread. If it’s pillowy, warm, kneadable, requires a good fisting, or otherwise susceptible to innuendo, he’s all about it. Perhaps relatedly, or maybe not, he’s also a fan of things with a strong odor, like soft cheeses, or the kind of food that you entomb in a jar and forget about for an indeterminate amount of time.

When he’s not burying himself in something odorous and/or pliant, he prefers to be juggling, spinning poi, slacklining, pretending to play guitar for Sarah’s portraiture, or anything else generally unexpected.