Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

Gin-gle Bells

Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

“Gin”-gle Bells

Gingle bells, gingle bells,

Gin goes all the way,

We’ll just go ahead and liquefy,

Our meals this holiday.


Gingle bells, jingle bells,

Gin for every day,

Just take some shots on the side,

To keep your stress at bay.


Christmas time we blow,

Our wallets open wide,

You wonder who you know,

That’s really qualified.

You already broke the bank,

So if you just forgot,

Your sister’s boyfriend Hank

Is it such a horrid thought?

Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

Gingle bells, gingle bells,

Gin goes all the way,

I mean did he ever even buy

A gift for your birthday?


Gingle bells, gingle bells,

Gin in every way,

And who even got to classify,

What a friend is anyway?


Your list just seems to grow,

So break that long dry spell,

And you’ll feel the cheery glow,

The mall does claim to sell.


Family’s coming by,

But you just saw them yesterday,

I mean how hard is it to specify,

When they plan to come this way?

Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

You try and hide your spite,

And all night you bite your tongue,

At your parents’ wise hindsight

On where they did go wrong.


Just pour a tall Bombay,

To give you what you need,

To remind you not to say,

Some words you can’t retrieve.


Gingle bells, gingle bells,

Gin will guide the way,

You just cannot identify,

What’s so great about this day.


Gingle bells, gingle bells,

Gin’s the only way

So you resign yourself to petrify,

Your liver for twelve days.

Gin-gle Bells

A gin cherry ginger cocktail

Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

It’s that time again. Panicking time. If you’re like me, you ran out of money weeks ago and have been frantically making candy and prepping goody-bags ever since. I hope this gin cherry ginger cocktail will help you tune out all that holiday stress jingling incessantly in your ear, as it’s done for me. Or, at the very least, it might make the week go by faster.


  • 1 oz. cherry liqueur
  • 3/4 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. cherry syrup
  • Top with ginger ale

If you buy jarred cherries at the store, you can use the liquid in the jar (maraschino will work, but if you prefer, there are other brands that have a more natural flavor). Otherwise, you can make your own cherry syrup by letting cherries (frozen or fresh) soak in simple syrup overnight. We simmered 1 cup water + 1 cup sugar until dissolved, let cool, then added 1 cup cherries. You can also jar the syrup and give it as a gift if you know any avid cocktail drinkers!

Gin-gle Bells: a gin cherry ginger cocktail

How to Put It in Your Mouth:

  1. Add the gin, cherry liqueur, cherry syrup, and ice to a glass, then stir until chilled.
  2. Top with ginger ale (2-4 oz., depending on how strong you like your drinks) and gently stir again. Serve with a piece of candied ginger and a cherry on top.


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