This vegan beer bread pudding is made with DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus chocolate peanut butter porter, the perfect beer for a bread pudding!

Chocolate + PB Beer Bread Pudding (Vegan)

I think DuClaw should put a cautionary statement on their beers specifically warning children not to drink them. They have a habit of making the kinds of beverages you’d expect to find on the lower shelves at the grocery store – beers that taste like strawberry Nesquik or coconut macarons. Then there’s one of my personal favorites,…

Cocoguavanana - a cachaca coconut guava banana cocktail that's perfect for summer!

Cachaça Cocoguavanana

I’m so tired. We just moved. I don’t have words for the tediousness of packing and unpacking 100 boxes. (Notice we’ve been missing lately?) In exchange for my lack of words today, and the absence of my usual humor, I’m going to offer you this drink as comforting solace. And by “you,” I really mean me.