Simple 25 Ingredient Bloody Mary by Put It in Your Mouth (

Simple 25 Ingredient Bloody Mary

Does the plethora of Bloody Mary recipes online boggle your mind? I mean, really, let’s get to the bottom of the ancient convoluted mysteries surrounding the Bloody Mary: is it 2 dashes of Worcester sauce, or 3? In what order do you add the ingredients? And why do we rim the glass if we’re just going to drink…

Salted Plum Wine Spritzer - choya plum wine, sloe gin, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt topped with club soda

Salted Plum Wine Spritzer

Ah, finally, a salty-sweet thing that doesn’t involve bacon. Behold the version of wine that’s for people that hate wine – those people like me that have to go through the shame of refusing somebody’s finest and then enduring their stares as you’re suddenly demoted to the children’s table.